Evangelical Feminism and the Kingdom of God

There are two interesting conferences coming up in October that I will be attending.

Toward an Evangelical Feminism

The first is the annual fall conference of the Canadian Evangelical Theological Association (CETA) on Saturday October 18, 2014 at Wycliffe College in Toronto. The conference is entitled “Toward and Evangelical Feminism: Scripture, Theology, Gender” and is co-sponsored by CETA with the Institute of Christian Studies and Wycliffe College. A flyer for the conference is available, as well as the conference schedule and the paper abstracts. The keynote address is by Marion Taylor (professor of OT at Wycliffe) on an evangelical feminist reading of Ruth, and the papers look fascinating (some of the papers attempt to define evangelical feminism and others are focused on reading the Bible as authoritative scripture that dignifies and empowers women in God’s world). Online registration is hosted by the Institute for Christian Studies (just scroll to the bottom of the page for the registration links).

Kingdom Conspiracy

The second conference, entitled “Kingdom Conspiracy: Reclaiming the Radical Mission of the Church in the World,” is sponsored by Missio Alliance, and will be held on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 on the campus of Northeastern Seminary and Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, NY. The keynote speaker is well-known theologian and biblical scholar Scot McKnight, who hosts the blog “Jesus Creed” on the Patheos website. The advertising says that McKnight might ruffle a few feathers by providing “a biblical corrective and a fiercely radical vision for the role of the local church in the kingdom of God.” A flyer (with the conference schedule) is available and you can register here.

I’ll report on both conferences after I attend them.