A New Heaven and a New Earth Featured on the Baker Academic Blog

About a month ago I made reference to the Baker Academic blog, which had featured a post they asked me to write about my new eschatology book, along with an excerpt from the book, some reviews it got, and information on my upcoming speaking engagements.

I just received an email with a link to the Baker Academic blog for today, which mentions some of their books and authors currently featured on the Internet. This is what they listed for my book [with my own comments inserted in square brackets]:

“What a book!…There is no doubt in my mind that this book is urgently needed — among evangelicals and mainline folks alike — to be fully clear about God’s promises of new creation, and how this vision of a restored Earth can animate and sustain our efforts for cultural reform now. Richard is an excellent Biblical scholar and has worked on this serious volume for years; the endorsements have been robust and exceptional, and early readers report it is nearly life-changing.”

[The full version of the above quote is available on the Hearts & Minds website; and Byron Borger had previously posted a lengthy book review soon after the book was published.]

  • At The Hump of the Camel, Jon Garvey reviewed A New Heaven and a New Earth. [This is a substantial new review, with 20 comments as of today. However, it gets pretty silly at the end with a humorous post called “The Epileptic, Somewhat Elliptic, Low-Down, Apocalyptic Rastafarian Calypso Blues.”]

Thanks to Mason Slater for this heads up; and thanks to all the other wonderful folks at Baker Academic who care so well for the editing, production, and marketing of their books.

Canadian Evangelical Theological Association Website Updated

This is just a note to say that the website for the Canadian Evangelical Theological Association CETA) has been updated, with information about the upcoming conference in Ottawa (May 31, 2015); I had mentioned the Ottawa conference in a previous post. A Call for Papers is posted there (proposals due January 31, 2015).

Also, all published articles from the Canadian Theological Review are now available as PDFs from the website (going back to the beginning of the journal in 2012). See the journal page for access to back issues.

Although they are a bit behind in production, two new issues of the Canadian Theological Review  will shortly be appearing, with a third not far behind. The journal hopes to be caught up by the end of the year.