A New Heaven and a New Earth Featured on the Baker Academic Blog

About a month ago I made reference to the Baker Academic blog, which had featured a post they asked me to write about my new eschatology book, along with an excerpt from the book, some reviews it got, and information on my upcoming speaking engagements.

I just received an email with a link to the Baker Academic blog for today, which mentions some of their books and authors currently featured on the Internet. This is what they listed for my book [with my own comments inserted in square brackets]:

“What a book!…There is no doubt in my mind that this book is urgently needed — among evangelicals and mainline folks alike — to be fully clear about God’s promises of new creation, and how this vision of a restored Earth can animate and sustain our efforts for cultural reform now. Richard is an excellent Biblical scholar and has worked on this serious volume for years; the endorsements have been robust and exceptional, and early readers report it is nearly life-changing.”

[The full version of the above quote is available on the Hearts & Minds website; and Byron Borger had previously posted a lengthy book review soon after the book was published.]

  • At The Hump of the Camel, Jon Garvey reviewed A New Heaven and a New Earth. [This is a substantial new review, with 20 comments as of today. However, it gets pretty silly at the end with a humorous post called “The Epileptic, Somewhat Elliptic, Low-Down, Apocalyptic Rastafarian Calypso Blues.”]

Thanks to Mason Slater for this heads up; and thanks to all the other wonderful folks at Baker Academic who care so well for the editing, production, and marketing of their books.