Baker Academic Blog “Beyond the Book”

Baker Academic Press, the publisher of my eschatology book, A New Heaven and a New Earth, is starting a new blog series called “Beyond the Book,” where authors are asked to reflect (in short blog posts) on aspects of the topic of their book. I’ve been asked to contribute the first set of blogs, one per week during the month of March, starting Monday.

My four posts will address interesting things I learned about biblical eschatology during the writing of the book, things that I had not previously known (these will be topics I have not previously blogged about). Each of the four topics I will write about illumine an important aspect of the biblical worldview, which turns out to be quite different from what many modern Christians assume.

The publisher is giving away free copies of A New Heaven and a New Earth in connection with this blog series; you can sign up to win a free copy here.

I’ll make sure to link my posts from that website to this one once they appear.