A Song about All Things New—”Wait in Hope” by Stefanie Potter

Stefanie Potter is a 2008 graduate of Roberts Wesleyan College, with a major in Religion and Philosophy. During her time at Roberts, Stefanie took three undergraduate courses with me, including “Exploring the Christian Worldview,” a course that examines the implications of God’s redemption of creation for living in postmodern western culture.

Since graduation, Stefanie has gone on to become an accomplished singer/songwriter, with a wonderful voice and insightful lyrics. One of her songs, “Wait in Hope” (on God’s redemption of creation) has been chosen by the website “The High Calling” to be thematically linked with this week’s theme of “All Things New” (the song contains the lyric “You are making all things new”). Stefanie’s song goes well with my own article on this theme (“God’s Bringing Creation to Its Glorious Destiny”).

You should check out Stehanie’s song, as well as her Tweets and her Facebook page.