Recent Middleton Posts on the Baker Academic Blog

While I’m getting ready to post some substantial reflections on evolution and the fall (via a book review), I thought I might just note that Baker Academic, which published my eschatology book, A New Heaven and a New Earth, recently posted a number of items relevant to the book on their blog.

I’ve been struck not only by the high quality of the editing my manuscript received (extremely careful, and attentive to my needs), but also by the significant publicity and marketing Baker has done on behalf of the book (including giving away over 300 copies at the reception of the Institute for Biblical Research in San Diego this past November—seeding the market, they called it).

I’ve also been consistently impressed by the quality of my relationship with the various editors I’ve worked with at Baker Academic (kudos to Jim Kinney and Brian Bolger) and with the marketing and publicity people I’ve got to know (Steve Ayers, Bryan Dyer, Mason Slater, and Trinity McFadden).  This is a great press, and I’d work with them again in a minute.

So here’s what they posted at the Baker Academic Blog concerning my book.

First they posted my own introductory reflections, which they had me write specifically for the website:

J. Richard Middleton – “Whatever Happened to the New Earth?” (posted on December 8, 2014)

Then they posted a notice about the book’s publication, with advance reviews; then a list of some of my upcoming speaking engagements; then an excerpt on cosmic redemption, that gets at the heart of the book:

New Release: A New Heaven and a New Earth (posted on December 9, 2014)

Upcoming Events with J. Richard Middleton (posted on December 10, 2014)

Colossians 1 and The Redemption of All Things – an Excerpt from A New Heaven and a New Earth (posted on December 11, 2014)

If you’re interested, you might check some of them out.