First Published Review of A New Heaven and a New Earth

Although my eschatology book, A New Heaven and a New Earth: Reclaiming Biblical Eschatology (Baker Academic, 2014), hasn’t hit the streets yet (that’s scheduled for November), the first review has appeared in Publishers Weekly (October 6, 2014), p. 6. It’s more like a brief notice than a full-fledged review, but it’s quite positive.

“Theologian Middleton tackles a huge question: is a glorious afterlife the best hope Christianity can offer, or does the promise of a new, redeemed Earth give humans hope for today? His biblically grounded answer is the latter. To make a convincing argument for what he calls ‘holistic eschatology,’ he goes through both testaments of the Bible, deep down to its Greek- and Hebrew-language roots, and also takes on the received wisdom of many a Christian hymn that extols the far-off heavenly shore. . . . The implications for lived faith are bold, and the air this brings into theological discourse about what God intends for human creation is fresh and bracing.”

6 thoughts on “First Published Review of A New Heaven and a New Earth

  1. So glad to see your new book’s on the way! Have pre-ordered it. Glad to see your high praise for Geo Ladd’s PATTERN OF NEW TESTAMENT TRUTH in another post. My wife typed the manuscript for that book many years ago at Fuller Seminary. The autographed copy he gave to her is something we treasure.

    • Hi Charles, that’s a great personal connection. I highlight the impact of Ladd’s book in the Preface to the eschatology book, and I come back to Ladd in the Appendix, which traces the fate of the idea of the renewal of the earth in the history of eschatology.

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